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New digimon liberator
New Digimons Coming To Liberator Web Comic
Digimon Liberator is something that is launching in a week. This is a web based comic that you will be able to read on your mobile devices. The exciting part about this is that Bandai...
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New Digimon Product Heroine Set
New Digimon TCG Accessory Heroines Product
Digimon Is Changing lately Bandai has been doing a lot of changing in their accessories department when it comes to the Digimon card game. I feel like now they are listening to the...
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digimon card game
New Update Digimon Card Game Joining Release
Digimon card game creators are making their game global release scheduled for 2025. Both english and japanese versions of the game will have sets released at the same time. This means...
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The Ultimate Guide to Trading Card Game Sleeves: Why They Matter and How to Choose the Best Ones
Trading card game sleeves might seem like a small detail, but they can make a big difference in the protection and presentation of your cards. Whether you’re a casual player or...
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New card game Disney lorcana trading card game
Let us find out how to play Lorcana TCG.
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Gem Blenders The Card Game
GEM BLENDERS: COMING TO KICKSTARTER NYC, NY MARCH 2023 – After selling through their beta version product, indie game designer Steve Sekula and his team are set to launch the...
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