Star Wars: Unlimited

Unleashing the Force: Dive into the Epic World of Star Wars: Unlimited

Star Wars: Unlimited with over 200 unique cards featuring beloved characters, vehicles, and locations from all eras of Star Wars, players can assemble their own custom decks and compete against opponents in strategic, head-to-head duels.

In Star Wars: Unlimited, players take on the roles of commanders, leading their armies into battle across the galaxy. Each card represents a unit or asset that can be deployed to the battlefield, from iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to powerful star ships like the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star.

Players must carefully manage their resources and make tactical decisions to take the win over their opponents and secure victory. Will you use the Force to turn the tide of battle, or rely on cunning tactics and overwhelming firepower to crush your enemies?

The fate of the galaxy is in your hands. Join the fight in Star Wars: Unlimited!

Star Wars: Unlimited - How to Play and Conquer the Galaxy

Embark on an Interstellar Journey Through Strategy and the Force

Attention all Jedi, Sith, and commanders of the Star Wars galaxy! Are you ready to navigate the cosmic tides of the Star Wars Trading Card Game Unlimited? Your deck is your army, the table is your battlefield, and the cards are your weapons.

Star Wars: Unlimited

Preparing Your Arsenal: Building Your Deck

Before the battle commences, you must assemble your forces. Your deck is a compilation of at least 50 cards that represent your strategy, prowess, and will to win.

  • Deck Composition: Blend a mix of unit, event, and upgrade cards, with up to three copies of each unique card.
  • Balanced Forces: Aim for 30-40 unit cards—split between ground and space forces—and complement them with 10-20 events and upgrades.

Setting the Stage for Galactic Warfare

As you sit across from your opponent, the tension is palpable. Here’s how to prepare the battlefield:

  • Base and Leader Cards: Position your base card to face your opponent’s. Below it, place your leader card on the non-unit side.
  • Initiative and Mulligan: Randomly determine who takes the initiative. Draw six cards, with the option for a single mulligan.
  • Resources at the Ready: Select two cards from your hand to serve as your starting resources, placing them facedown in your resource area.

Navigating the Action: A Turn-by-Turn Breakdown

The heart of the game beats within its turn structure. Experience the ebb and flow of the action phase and the regroup phase:

  • Resource Management: Play cards by spending resources, represented by exhausted cards in your resource area.
  • Playing Units: Deploy your troops to the battlefield, but remember they enter the fray exhausted and unable to attack immediately.
  • The Brink of Defeat: Should your deck run dry, your base will endure damage for each card you cannot draw.

The Lexicon of Battle: Understanding Keywords

Each card in your arsenal may carry special keywords that define their abilities. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Ambush: Surprise your enemies with an immediate attack upon playing this unit.
  • Grit: Empower your units with additional strength for each damage they’ve sustained.
  • Overwhelm: When your units conquer their opponents, any excess damage cascades onto your adversary’s base.

The Art of War: Playing Cards and Allocating Resources

Your strategic acumen will be tested in how you manage your resources and play your cards:

  • Aspect Alignment: Playing cards that match the aspect icons of your leader or base avoids additional costs. Discrepancies will deplete your resources further.
  • Strategic Investments: Your resources are the lifeblood of your strategies. Use them wisely to unleash your most potent cards at the opportune moments.

The Clash of Titans: Engaging in Combat

Whether in the vacuum of space or on the dusty plains of distant planets, combat is where heroes are forged and legends are made:

  • Arenas of War: Units are committed to either ground or space arenas. They must attack within these domains, though all units can strike the opponent’s base.
  • The Charge: To initiate an attack, exhaust a ready unit, signaling your intent to engage the enemy.

Ascending to Victory: Securing Your Rule Over the Galaxy

There are two principal avenues to emerge victorious in Star Wars TCG Unlimited:

  • Objective Annihilation: Strategically target and destroy your opponent’s objectives to claim your triumph.
  • Forcing Defeat: Deplete your adversary’s deck, delivering crushing blows until they cannot draw, sealing their fate.

Welcome to the Universe of Star Wars TCG Unlimited

You stand at the threshold of a vast community of enthusiasts. Protect your cards, engage in frequent skirmishes, and immerse yourself in a world where strategy, cunning, and luck intertwine.

Feeling the call to adventure? Reach out to us at with your questions or to share your victories and tales of the cosmos. May the Force be your ally across the stars and within the cards!