New Exciting Elestrals Card Game

Elestrals is a card game that started in kickstarter by a YouTuber aDrive. This is the first card game that reminds you of the old days. Although it is just a kickstarter right now, it has 4000+ backer at the time of writing this. It’s supposed to launch next year August, it says on the kickstarter website. There are so many backers this could be good start for the card game.

There are many card games that started this way, from being a kickstarter first. One of them being “Meta zoo”. It is now a wildly popular card game, both in the collecting aspect and playing the card game. This is why we think that Elestrals will be big. If a kickstarter earn trust in the community and gains a lot of backers, then there is a huge chance of them going retail.

How to play Elestrals card game

We will go through some basic rules for this card game. You should consider checking out the elestrals.com for more in-depth guide on how to play this card game.

In Elestrals there are 40 cards main deck and 20 spirit deck which also is your life and “mana” for casting your cards. Every card in Elestrals cost life “Spirit”. Your job is to attack or use effects on the opponent so that they loose all their spirits. There are only place for 4 elestrals (monsters) and 4 runes (traps and spells). There is also place for one stadium which give benefits to the elestrals.

There are runes in this game that you can play upside down. Which reminds me of YuGiOh. There are both continuous runes which stays on the field when casted. Then there are instant runes that go to the graveyard when resolved. The graveyard is called underworld in this card game.

Four phases in this card game.

  • Draw Phase, you draw a card. the one player that starts the game do not draw.
  • Main Phase, you cast your monster and runes.
  • Battle Phase, attack your opponent.
  • End Phase, end your turn.

The game ends when one of the player loses all of their spirits and after that the final attack is made. You have think through how you want to play because your spirits are also your resource and life.


Collecting elestrals

In the world of card games there are a rise of collecting the cards. For one most of the cards has an alternative art. Usually that is an artwork different from the regular art and also that is more difficult to get.

In Elestrals there are stellar rare cards that are serialized. That would be chase cards for the collecting aspect. Stellar rare cards are only produced a specific amount per set. One card can have like 99 prints. Then there are also full art cards which are different from the regular art.

One thing we like about this card game is that there are a lot of playable cards in the starter decks. This is great when you are just into playing the game and not trying to find a broken card that you only can get from a promotion pack. What do you think about this card game, would you play this?