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The trill of opening a booster box is at another level. You never know what you are going to get and there is a very good feeling when you pull something good. If you open a booster box, it does guarantee some good cards. I think if you are a collector it would be best to open pack yourself because if you buy singles you never now the conditions of the cards. I think this is good when you want to grade the cards but if your intention is to play with the cards I guess buying singles will be sufficient.

When you open up a booster box and grade and hold the good cards. Could you sell these for the price of the box? I’m wondering this because there is a trend where a great condition of a rare card is valuable?

Opening Digimon Card Game Booster Box

Recently I opened some Digimon cards. BT10 to be precise. As a collector I’m looking for the Alphamon ghost rare, but I would keep the other cards too because I like to play the game as well. I like to open booster boxes because it gives me most of the cards of a particular set. Then when I’m looking through cards/decks online most likely I would have it if it is a common/uncommon. In this opening, I opened about 59 packs of BT10 set. I opened 16 super rares and one secret rare, four of the cards I opened where alternative art. 59 packs are about two booster boxes and eleven packs.

There is a thing I don’t like about when I open a booster box. What do you do when you get a lot of duplicates? do you keep the duplicates? Do you sell them or wait for the price to go higher? I assume you are keeping the playset of everything but what happens when you get something more than that? I have had this question on my mind for a long time.

Valuable Cards

I really like unique cards. Like Alphamon ghost rare and Omnimon ghost rare, when we are talking Digimon card game. Cards like this, I like to keep. I think this is a given that at some point in time Bandai will stop producing a particular set. The prices might go up? That is probably the mind of every collector? I mean the collection value could also be individual. The specific card could have a meaning which is special and dear to specific person. Do you play or collect the Digimon card game? Or any other game?

When I play the Digimon card game I don’t like to play with the alternative art cards. I hear people like to “bling” out there decks. If you play with them they do too much damage to the wallet. At first they are expensive and second I feel like they are collectors item. You only get like one alternative art cards per box. Do you consider playing with AA?

Under here you can see my hits when I opened 54 packs of BT10. You think I did good? Comment your thoughts.

my hits for BT10
my hits for BT10
my hits for BT10