one piece card game

New Popular One piece Card Game

The new card game is popular. Bandai is firing out card games like candy. One piece is popular even before the card game. It has an anime and a manga series which are popular. The series is going for 20+ years and have earned its name. The story is fun, comedic, and action packed. The only thing is that the anime series have 1000+ episodes. Are you up for the challenge?

We didn’t know that this card game would blow up like it did. The products where sold out like two days after release. We had to wait for the next delivery to our local card game shop. At the time of writing this post that day have not come yet. We think that Bandai misjudged how popular this card game would be. They will probably make a reprint of the first set.

It’s cool that they are starting with IRL tournaments next year for One Piece card game. It would be fun to go out there and meet new people. We have started to attend the locals scene. At our first locals taking the starter deck straw hat crew.

Straw Hat Crew Starter Deck Top 4 At Locals

We where 16 that attended the first one piece locals and managed to get top 4 with double straw hat crew starter deck. The Luffy leader is great, but even better with the OP01 cards. We did not have access to the OP1 at the first locals. There are many cards in OP1 that would upgrade this red straw hat crew starter deck. That upgrade will come on the next blog post.

The ability to place a rested don under a character or leader is great. Using the used don and giving 1k+ can make a great difference. Trying different leaders will be fun. Looking forward to it.

The first opponent was blue Crocodile deck. This match, really hard for the straw hat deck. we did not find the correct pieces and lost the first match. The second match, went up against purple Kaido. This one is also not favoured for straw hat starter deck. This time we found some of the pieces and won on time. Third match was green Eustass Kid and won against it. The green player did not find the pieces and we rushed him down and won the match. The last game was against the red straw hat crew starter deck and we won the last game. So the end result went 3-1 with the Straw Hat Crew starter deck and took the fourth place. Have you played the game?