Chinese exclusive cards

Chinese Exclusive Cards For The Bandai Card Games

The Chinese community is getting some extra love. Bandai is releasing exclusive alternative art cards to the Chinese version. You can only find them in China or Ebay from stores that are located in China. These Chinese exclusive cards have unique art style to them. We need to see if Bandai will release these cards in English version. If you are just a collector the Chinese version might be just sufficient for you and you might just not need the English version. Or you are a “I want it all kind of a person”.

Chinese Exclusive New Year One Piece Alternative Art Cards

First of they have been releasing Chinese new year promo cards for the One Piece card game. These Chinese promos are Zoro which is the second one released this year 2024. Promo Luffy was the first Chinese new year released 2023. The art is as you can see the characters are eating and celebrating the new year.

This specific art might not come to the English version. We need to have something to celebrate, what can English version celebrate that can justify Luffy eating that big stake?.

Still the special arts seems to be something they do now every Chinese new year. However, if you look the characters do also celebrate the Chinese new year. There might be a new one next year, do you have any guesses on what character will be next celebrating the Chinese new year?

Chinese Exclusive One Piece One Year Gift Box

Bandai also released an exclusive gift box. The box is featuring the Nami character. This giftbox is an anniversary box of the One Piece card game. The anniversary is with the Chinese version. People are selling the boxes at around 610$ at Ebay right now. People are taking advantage for buying it when Bandai had the pre order window. Bandai sold these at a much lower price.

People are Selling it now at much higher price. In this giftbox you will find a playmat, deck box, card holder, Nami card, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper and Robin card. Total 6 cards. In this gift box you will also have a chance to get a special art Nami chase card. Nami special art card is replaced with the regular version. This gift box is exclusive the Chinese version of the game. This might make the price go even higher than it already is.

Chinese New Year Digimon Alternative Art Cards

Digimon card game got special art for the Chinese new year. These are full art cards that are awesome collection pieces. First alt art card Terriermon card released in 2023. Terrirermon special art card was also released in the recent double typhoon cup with a stamp for the English version. Second alt art card Gammamon card released 2024 this year. As of now this art is exclusive for Chinese version. As the time goes on Bandai are improving the artworks on the Digimon card game.

Bandai releasing language exclusive cards. Special art cards are not a new thing though. They have done it before. One example is the Metalgarurumon form EX05 set that is English exclusive card for the Digimon card game.

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