One Piece Card Game Booster Box Opening

We opened four One Piece Romance Dawn booster boxes. The One Piece booster box have 7 super rares, 1 alternative art and 1 secret rare card. Sometimes the box can have a 2nd alternative art card. It is easy to get a master set, if you are not looking to collect the alternative art cards. The art on the alternative art cards are beautiful and we think that they are collectors items. We don’t play with them. We grade alternative art cards so we can preserve the condition of these beautiful cards. Do you play with the alt. Art cards?

After opening four boxes, a total of 96 packs. The packs gave most of the playsets of super rares and now the deck building of OP1 decks can begin. Multi coloured Luffy, Doflamingo, Kaido and Zoro are the leaders that I am most looking forward to play with. I would try all of the leaders, because they have their own unique ability and It would be awesome to make different leaders work. It’s nice that you get all of the leaders in one box. This way you get the chance to try and build decks around every leader in a set. Is one piece something you are going to play?

Right now the supplies of Romance dawn booster boxes are very low. The outcome of this is that prices are higher now. They will surely reprint this set because they want to keep the card game popular. Otherwise this could lead to players don’t play the game or they won’t wait for the reprint. I think they misjudged how popular this card game would be and now many players have to wait to play the first set. The One Piece IP is big, I don’t think people will back down. Most of the people will wait for the reprint.

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