New Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Cards

The new set Scarlet and violet is coming out this year for the Pokemon TCG. This set in the english version is changing the yellow card borders to silver. The borders will be like the Japanese version of the card game. The silver borders is more beautiful than the yellow borders. The Japanese version of Pokemon has it and the borders are holo. They might make the silver borders holo but that is not known yet. They might also change the back art of the cards like the Japanese version. That is yet to see. The Japanese version has changed its back art and the new design was a great update.

Japanese Old Design


Japanese New Design


English Design


The cards are also getting new set code instead of a symbol. Like the change of the borders the symbols have also been with the english version from the start. This is a new look to the english version of the game. Remembering the code might be easier. For Scarlet and Violet the code will be “SV1EN”. This is straight forward and is not confusing. This might also help a newcomer to remember which set is what. Seeing symbols can be confusing for a newcomer. You can just say which set number of Scarlet and Violet later down the years and you can find it just by looking at the code. No need to see which year it was release etc.

Old English Set Code

New English Set Code

This new generation of Pokemon it seems like they are doing a big over haul. They are changing a lot. A type of fresh start. Ash Ketchum won the tournament and they are now ending his story. We will now follow a new character and see a new journey with a new character. With that they are also changing stuff in the TCG scene. With the card border and set code. Also with the games Scarlet and Violet, these games where the first open world experience. A lot of changes in many categories. This could be a good move by the Pokemon company, to get a fresh look overall for the pokemon scene.

Old Card Borders

New Card Borders