battle spirits saga

Battle spirit saga spring 2023

Battle spirit saga is a card game made by Bandai and is launching spring 2023. The card game will come out with 4 starter decks, one core set and a booster box set (Dawn Of History). The 4 starter decks will be red, yellow, purple and white. These four starter decks have their own unique styles. The red is more aggro based. White is defending/blocking based. Yellow uses magic to their advantage. Purple uses cores to their advantage.

Cores in this game is the main resource. To play cards you have to use cores. As of now most of the spirits need to have cores on them. These cores are physical items which you place on the card. If the spirits do not have any cores on them, they get destroyed. Spirits have 3 levels to them. First level usually starts with 1 core. Some of the spirits gain abilities as they gain levels. The spirit cards will specify how many cores is needed to activate specific level. There are three different card types. There are spirits, nexus and magic cards. Nexus cards are permanent on the field until destroyed by card effects. The nexus cards gives buffs, draws etc. Magic cards are spells you can activate with a cost of cores. A magic card can have a burst effect as well. That means, you can set a card face down to use when the requirements are met. Like a trap card. But you have to remember that burst effect do not cost cores. If you are using the burst effect on the opponents turn, then you don’t use the cores in your reserve. You will use the cores if you then want to activate the main/flash effect of the card. Reserve is a place where you store your cores. You gain one cores each turn and you use 5 cores as life. If you lose a life, the core goes to your reserve. You start with 3 cores and 1 soul core. Soul core is special. Some cards have special effects if they have the soul core on them. Some cards do also have “flash” attribute assigned to them. The flash attribute is used in battle both in opponent and yours battle phase. It is like a counter when in battle phase attacking. The bigger cards can also be summoned with the cost reduction. But only if you have the specified color on the field already.

Some of the red cards from the red starter deck was revealed. When you see the cards from these red starter deck. You can see that it is very aggro based. You will just flood the board and start attacking. Flooding the board can also help with the cost reduction on the bigger spirits. As of now I will try out purple and white color as they seem to be most fun. I haven’t played the original game from Japan. This will be a great experience for us as they are doing a makeover from the successful game in Japan. Over 60+ sets in Japan.

As of now not many cards are revealed for the battle spirit saga, but they have given out hints of what we can expect from each color. All of the cards will be revealed until 1st of Februrary as of their recent tweet. Also not all of the colors are launched with the first set. Green and blue colors are two of the colors that are not mentioned with the first launch. These will come at later stage as the game progresses.