What Trading Card Game To Play?


It has been a long time since I wanted to share my experiences playing TCGs. I like to share my experiences both with playing side and collecting the cards. When starting to play a TCG I like the community that forms “naturally” along side of a game. The fact people meet-up and play the game they love, you can just nerd up. Also playing with real physical cards adds another spice to the whole TCG scene. Even though it is harder now to go out and play in local tournaments, because I’m married and have a child on the way. I try my best to take part in the TCG community whenever I get the chance. As there are many TCGs that are launching it would be awesome to discuss the cards and maybe talk about the game scene.
There are many Trading Card Games that are launching next year It is awesome. Disney is launching one and recently A YouTube creator launched a kickstarter for a TCG. Elestrals TCG. This card game looks amazing. Right now I play Digimon it is fun. What TCG are you into right now?

Is Digimon Card Game Fun?

I Started to play Digimon card game some time ago and it is a fun one. I have been playing it for a while now and the play style is great. I’m also a TCG collector, the art on the cards are just on another level. They are beautiful and different from what I have seen before. Even if it is only a rare, it has amazing art.

One thing I like about the game is the memory gauge. This system is just special with this game. It makes you think about your turns. The cards have a memory cost and if you use too much of it, the turn can go over to the opponent. The other thing I like about the game is the fact that there is not traps or engagement from the opponent when it is my turn. The only thing that can save my opponent is the security stack. Of course if they have a blocker they can use it too. This was my thinking before the release of later sets. In these later sets digimons and tamers that have come out can interact with the opponent when it is their turn. They have a “on opponent’s turn” effect. If you play digimon card game, what do you think about the game so far?

I have also played in some tournaments mostly remote. Other than that there is a local scene where I go when I have time. I have played in tournaments like remote regionals and so called ultimate cup. Big remote webcam events can be frustrating, because you can’t see cards clearly and you never know when someone cheats. I like European tournament organisers, the fact that they don’t use the Bandai app is great. I have heard that it has been struggling when there are bigger events, the Bandai app.

Trading Card Game Remote Discord Play

Discord is also a community where people come together and play test their decks with webcam play or table top simulator. People come together and share their views on new cards that are revealed. Some of the major tournaments are also held on the discord server. Mostly in Europe. I know in US they have a lot of IRL regionals and tournaments. I think I like discord tournaments for me because I have been busy lately. It is just easy and convenient when you are just at home. Do you like playing remote?

My TCG Tournament Experience

One thing I have noticed about the Digimon card game is that when I play a lot of times I forget one or two inherit abilities. That could just make me loose games. This happens especially when I’m playing IRL. I don’t know, it could just be that I get nervous playing in tournaments. Happened to anyone?

Part taking in the one or two tournaments you learn a lot about the game. You mostly play against decks you have not played before. You learn what’s missing in your own deck. Have you ever played in a bigger tournament?