digimon card game

New Update Digimon Card Game Joining Release

Digimon card game creators are making their game global release scheduled for 2025. Both english and japanese versions of the game will have sets released at the same time. This means that we will experience the sets at the same time as the japanese version. This change is great and could bring excitement back for the game. We will get the Digimon card game back.

Today the sets comes out in Japanese version of the game first. This way the sets are spoiled in advanced for the english player base. This takes out all the excitement for the game and deck building are minimal due to the fact that players in Japan has already tried most of the cards. Mostly we english players are up to six months behind the Japanese set release schedule. Seeing the tire lists and results in advance we don’t get to experience the sets to the fullest. Also the restrictions or bans that happens they are based on the Japanese players. This is a little bit concerning that we know what will be restricted before the set is even out to the english market. 

The excitement for the new set is not the same then. It’s nice that we get new cards but certain cards that you want to try may not be playable due to restrictions happening, before the sets hit the shelfs in stores. But it seems that Bandai has learned and It feels like they have something big planned for the Digimon card game in the future. Doing global releases may not be just one factor, it could be different reasons, why they want to do this change. They probably plan ahead. 

People have mixed feelings about the webcomic they are bringing into the mix. Digimon Liberator. This comic will introduce new Digimon and tamers, which is awesome. Also if the comic is a hit and people love it. Bandai might just make a anime out of it. The webcomic is a great way to introduce new content to the Digimon franchise. Right now they don’t know how people will react to the comic. Maybe that is why they are making a webcomic first. When it is a hit, they will probably increase the budget on this new Digimon Liberator endeavor. 

The thought is that when looking at the release of dragon ball super fusion world card game, they released the card game globally. And the game have an online client. That client has it all buying packs, rank mode, practice mode.The news Bandai making the Digimon card game global in 2025 could be the year for a client. Maybe that is what they are waiting for? Maybe they have listened to the players and are just now waiting for the global release to give the news to Digimon players that an online client is underway. Maybe the key was to make it global to make an online client. An online client is very important to have because many players have less and less time to go to a locals to play the game. But players still want to enjoy the game. An Online client could be the answer. This online client could also bring some new players to the game which is good. With the online client they could kill webcam tournaments they should go for an online client in which people should compete. If they really want to have online tournaments, it should be over at an online client. There are all the benefits to a client. There will be no cheating, no blurry camera so that you can barely see the cards people are playing. No weird looking setup. No repeating yourself because the other player lost connection. No light glaring at the cards. We just need an automatic online client for the Digimon card game. They made a survey, where they asked us about the game. You could state what you think about the game, what’s bad, good. They make the game for the players, so we need to raise our concern and issues.

Another way Bandai is listening to the players are on the regional prizing. Digimon players are now getting serial cards if they place top 8th and invitation to nationals are back for NA players. This is great for the game. Good things are coming for the Digimon card game. You just wait and watch it happen.