New digimon liberator

New Digimons Coming To Liberator Web Comic

Digimon Liberator is something that is launching in a week. This is a web based comic that you will be able to read on your mobile devices. The exciting part about this is that Bandai will introduce new Digimon through this web comic. This is nice to see they are doing something different. We will be able to play the card game with the new Digimon. Some new Digimon has already been revealed, and they are awesome designs. People will get new favourite Digimon where they can use to over come their locals. The comic reminds of Yugioh as they will be playing with cards. You can see on the main poster that the main protagonist is holding a card. This is saying that they will be holding cards and play with them in metaverse. But how that will look like is not known yet.

liberator protagonist

A New Way To Play

This web comic will introduce a new way to play in the metaverse space of Lacuna. As of now we don’t know what that is. Is that a simulator as this was in beta test? We will get to see it as it releases on 25/04-2024. The episode 0 or the prologue states they have worked on a simulator which the main protagonists will play on/in or use during their journey throughout the Digimon Liberator. Maybe this Liberator web comic is a showcase for the simulator or metaverse They might adopt it to the Digimon card game we all love and play. It will definitely be exciting to see how the liberator metaverse works.

Digimon Liberator Characters

The characters that has been introduced are “Shoto Kazama”, “Arisa Kinosaki”, “Owen Kazama”, “Zenith” and “Yuki”. Shoto is the new player that will be playing in the new metaverse. Arisa is the friend whom sends invitation to shoto to join the metaverse. We have Owen which is the former physical card game champion. He loses to Zenith in the episode 0. Zenith is the new champion as he beats Owen. Then he talks about how he will participate in the new game that is called Liberator. He will probably be the rival to beat. 

The game has been on a year long beta test and they will finally be playing in it. The game is in a metaverse called Lacuna. It is yet to be revealed what it is and how it looks. We really hope it has a connection with some sort of a simulator. Your boy can dream. The character is holding a Digimon card, which means this will probably play out as same as Yugioh?

digimon liberator characters

Digimon Card Game Future

As of updated news for this web comic, they are releasing a set dedicated to Digimon Liberator. That is EX07. In this set we might see some new Digimon. As of writing this post cards are being revealed for the Japanese format of the game. More new cards will make the game healthy. As new cards emerge, so will new effects. Players will have more ways to play the game. No more situations like bt6 where bond of friendship was the deck to play.

The Digimon card game seems more fun as more sets being released. This will result in different playable decks at events. This will be heathy for the game. We would like to see more skilled based decks. We think that will happen when new sets comes and the card pool gets bigger. Lets see the Digimon card game thrive.

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