New Digimon Product Heroine Set

New Digimon TCG Accessory Heroines Product

lately Bandai has been doing a lot of changing in their accessories department when it comes to the Digimon card game. I feel like now they are listening to the players and the collectors.

They have changed a lot of things around now matching their other TCGs, they have going on in terms of product. Digimon is changing is a lot. No one knows really in what direction this is going and what this amazing game has in store for is in the future. But it is exciting.

Serial Omnimon

One example on the top of my mind is the serial Omnimon that is out now. The weird thing is even though Digimon card game was out before one piece. One piece got a serial card before Digimon. But the player base did not rest and did not surrender. We complained a lot and now surely got the serial Omnimon. And it is great. Giving the players and collectors something to fight for. Something to attend the events for. 

New Digimon Card Game Product

new heroines set

Now shove that to the side and off to the real reason for this video and that is the newly announced “Digimon card game premium heroines set”. And let me tell you, the art on the cards are different to what we are used to in Digimon card game. I love it. I hope they continue with it, making new beautiful artworks for me to throw my money at.

look at the newly announced card game to the English format Union arena. Some of the cards do remind me of them. Especially the tamer cards where they have their faces reflected in the background. I like the fact they have not forgotten about Digimon and continuing to listen to the community. 

storage box

The heroines set contains Sleeves that are standard size that fits most of the TCGs now a days. Then we have the storage box with the dimensions 170x105x75mm that fits about 260 cards. But that can vary because nowadays TCGs are coming out with different thickness. So the total amount of cards will hover around the 260 mark. This will be good for storing your bulk cards which you get out of opening a lot of booster boxes. 

We have the special cards with special art to cover. There will be 26 cards in total where we will get two copies of 13 unique cards. Which means we only have to buy two of this product to get a playset. I as as a player I don’t really like to play with alternate art cards. Because I’m a base rarity kind of a player. So this will go straight to the binder. Mostly I like the tamer art more than the Digimon art in this. The only thing good about the Digimon art is the background of the Digimon. That is unique and making the Digimon pop.

The Future Of Digimon Card Game

At first it was a bit concerned that Bandai did not share info. Did not share some new stuff for a long time for the Digimon card game. Now they blasted us with some awesome news. That is “Digimon liberator” and “the joining of releases 2025” for both Japanese and English versions of the game. Now this heroines set that is coming. the future for the Digimon card game is bright.

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